Best full body tracking vrchat mtn sms bundle 2. Rebuff Reality TrackBelt + 2 Track Straps for Vive Tracker 3.0 - ViveReady... Buy on Amazon. 3. Skywin VR Tracker Straps for HTC VIVE System Tracker Puck (2 Pack) -... Buy on Amazon. 4. KIWI design Tracker Straps and Belt for Full Body Tracking VR, Compatible... Buy on Amazon. gokusen mm sub. If you are using the Quest 2 with Link or Airlink connected to a PC and running a SteamVR game that supports body tracking (a fairly limited range), then the standard way is to buy: - two Lighthouse base stations - one Vive tracking puck with usb dongle for each body part you want to track (besides hands if you use Quest 2 controllers).

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